Our Quality Pledge

There are a million blogs and sites out there.  Some are good, reasoned, thoughtful content that can actually inform and inspire people.  Much is not.  Even less of it is oriented toward a 40+ audience.  Let's face it, most of us don't want that much training advice from young-uns who still have their moms do their 1040EZ.

But you came here.  And we'd like you to keep coming back, because we feel what we have to share is important and can help many, many people.  So, we want to make it well worth your time.  In fact, we promise to.

When you come to 40SomethingFitness, you won't be sold anything.  If we are talking about a product or service, it's because we tried it and we think you would like to know more about it too.  After that, it's up to you.

The information we present will be based on the best research we can find, and we will point you to the sources we used so that you can explore for yourself.  The opinions we give will be presented as just that: opinions.

When you comment (and we hope you do), we will treat it, and you, with respect.  We ask that you do the same for your fellow visitors to the site.  Oh - yeah - and spammers will be terminated with extreme prejudice.  Like I said, there are a million sites out there; junk up one of theirs with "Shakeology" or the like.

And if we ever slip up and post something like "According to the latest study, popsicles will save your life," please feel free to hack us and pull us down for good.  We will have earned your derision.

Warmest Regards,
Michael & Michelle