About Us

Michelle is 42, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and Master Aircrew with over 7,000 hours of mission time. 

She is an avid reader and researcher and is truly the "empathy" and "wisdom" of the family and the site.  

During her military career, exercise was a necessary evil, something required to meet standards.  It was, in short a grind.  Today, she can't wait to get to the gym and push herself to see what she can accomplish next.

Her favorite lift is the deadlift and her current personal best is 190 lbs.

Michael is 41, a master analyst of complex systems, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and former Chief Petty Officer.  Currently, he is employed at USAA as a Marketing Director.

Michael's history with exercise focused a lot more on distance running, in keeping with the military fitness standards, along with the obligatory push-ups and sit-ups.  He had lifting training in high school, but that was far in the past.

Since getting back into the gym, Michael has lost 10% body fat, ran his first six-minute mile ever, and is working hard toward a 225 bench press and 315 deadlift.

Michael loves to cook and prepares most of the clean meals around the house, though Michelle is the Chief Idea Generator in that field as well.

Both are devoted to bettering their bodies through nutrition, training, and education, as well as sharing their knowledge with others to be the best they can be.

We are both active on Fitocracy, a great social community for people interested in improving their health and fitness.